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Brought to you by gata, (global american technology alliances) "going global" is a free e-mail newsletter available to those interested in international business. It provides informaton on/about international business in a number of interactive formats.

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There are some changes afoot @ gata. In the near future, gata's services offering will be broadened to include company international readiness assessments, global competitor analysis/evaluations, in addition to world-wide customer & partner searches. Keep an eye on gata's services page for updates. As a proponent of partnerships, gata will also be pursuing targetted alliances to provide clients with deeper resources than gata can offer on its own. Feel free to forward comments to m2@intlalliances.com
My 3rd e-book is now available on Amazon going global international interviews on technology,. the 3rd in a series of going global international interviews e-books. It contains interviews with C-level executives on technologies they are implementing in international markets, such as Argentina, China, India, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Specific topics covered include how technologies are applied to GILT (globalization, internationalization, localization, translation), digital mapping, television graphics, global data standards, immigration law. and real estate. Interviewees are from small organizations like 1Sync, Acclaro, the International Engineering Consortium, Interpro, nPhase, Op2mize, Sportvision, and VisaNow as well as 1 large company, Navteq. Give the gift of international business. The 1st edition focused on worldwide expansion, the 2nd on finance & management while the next edition will focus on outsourcing. I'm also working on making them available in other e-book formats in addition to Amazon's Kindle.

columns & podcasts: Interview with Richard Longworth, author of “Caught in the Middle,” the former lead foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and now a fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. listen on the gata website on your media player or on itunes

Recession: International causes, effects of today's global financial crisis

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Jobs with an international non-profit organization-awhile ago I interviewed John Kamperschroer of Opportunity International (part 1, part 2, part 3). After he received my last newsletter, he requested that I make readers aware of opportunities with Opportunity International. Here they are: http://search10.smartsearchonline.com/opportunityintl/jobs/process_jobsearch.asp

global american technology alliances is an international business development organization focused on world-wide partnerships. Please consider gata to assist you in your international expansion needs.

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December, 2008-2nd e-book, shanghai lessons, Goolsbee, Rotary Intl, Germans, Canadians, Serbian IT, M. Zonis, Google, alliances, Colombia/Denmark tech sums, Op2mize podcasts
November, 2008- new e-book, Canadians in Chicago, portfolio diversification?, European constitution, Molex in Asia, German green builders, Indonesian investment blogs, Austria/Hong Kong tech sums, Opp Intl podcasts
October, 2008-Global Cities, Osaka. Japan, Austrians, Brits, inbound investment, wimax, Goolsbee, McD's blogs, Ireland & Indonesia tech sums, Daitan Labs podcasts
September, 2008-German wages, Romanian energy, gdp?, Nigerian investment, Italian dinner, Poland-Nato, Australia & Italy market sums, Interpro Translations podcast
August, 2008-Motorola & VisaNow podcasts, Beijing diffs, $, Chicago Olympics?, intl mktg budget survey, website localization, public trans, free trade?, happy Chicagoans, US-Africa forum, OPIC, S. Africa/Taiwan mk
July , 2008-Navteq & World Business Chicago podcasts, Biotech event sum & other blog rants, Peru & Romania tech mkt sums, couple of upcoming events
June, 2008-Exim Bank column, Sportvision & Proto Group podcasts, blogs: Cgo Human Cap & Global Engagement, US in Europe, Hong Kong/Zhaoqing, Silk Road, B'ham, Italy Mfg., Singapore & Turkey mkt. sums
May, 2008-S Pazol on m2m, S Lang on intl M&A, foreign students in IL, China-India Panel, Poland forum, Indian sourcing/investment, Euronext, British conference, visiting Peruvians, Mexico & Isreal tech sums
April, 2008-work/volunteer abroad, foreign correspondents, US IP, Dutch in Chicago, Jeff Sachs, Global US education?, Argentina/UK tech sums, A Arora, Cgo Ent Ctr on outsourcing
March, 2008-Daydream Believers, German insurance, Robert Reich, Romanians, Israeli IT, Samantha Power, Austan Goolsbee, Atlantic Canadians, European Patent Changes, George Deeb & John Janowiak podcasts, France & China
February, 2008-US-India Summit, MEFTA, fugitive denim, Intl/EU tax update, podcasts, intl events, Netherlands & Russia tech market updates, more Seth
January, 2008-eastern Europe outsourcing, Brazil & India tech summaries, intl biz blog, Seth Godin

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