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interview with local tech exec, Terry Tierney, on opportunities in Iraq

Interview with David Laverty of International Counsel who explains how to avoid legal hurdles when expanding overseas

interview with Ed Hamburg who tells how SPSS expanded overseas

interview with Dr. Kai Lucks, formerly of Siemens AG, & currently the president of the German Federal M&A Association and the CEO of the Merger Management Institute.

interview with Minister Ahmed Omar Gagale, who is in Chicago to meet with the World Trade Center Illinois and businesses in Chicagoland area. He is here to discuss the state of business in the transitional government in Somalia and what steps they are taking to bolster their free-market economy. More specifically, he’s looking to Chicago as a place to find businesses whose exports could be the inputs that help rebuild infrastructure. Gagale is interested in shedding light on the current economic and political situation in Somalia

interview with Modularis founder and president A.J. Singh on going global, working with Microsoft, case studies.

interview with optionsXpress International, Inc. Chief Executive Tom Stern & executive vice president Rumi Kuli on entering different markets, regulatory hurdles, servicing customers internationally.

interview with Bosch Rexroth Director of Marketing Services Kevin Gingerich on world-wide lean manufacturing

interview with Tom Levesque of NanoInk’s NanoFabrication Division on working with global distributors

Interview with Perry Yeatman, author of Get Ahead by Going Abroad, on working abroad

interview with Lih-Tah Wong of Computer Mail Services on whether we should filter incoming e-mail from the rest of the world

interview with World Trade Center Illinois Chairman Neil Hartigan & Bilal Ozer

interview with Cor Hersbach, Trade Commissioner with the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Interview with Richard Longworth, the author of “Caught in the Middle,” the former lead foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and is now a fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Interview with Geoffrey Kasselman founder & president of Op2mize on security advancements & technology durability in Asia-part 2

Interview with Geoffrey Kasselman founder & president of Op2mize on research findings from his National Assn. of Realtors sponsored trip to Asia-part 1

Interview with John Kamperschroer Vice President of Marketing Opportunity International on international partnerships-part 2

Interview with John Kamperschroer Vice President of Marketing Opportunity International on microfinancing & technology-part 1

Interview with Jim Bergamini, Pres/CEO of Daitan Labs on working with Brazilians-part 2

Interview with Jim Bergamini, Pres/CEO of Daitan Labs on current & next-generation telecom-part 1

interview with Ralph Strozza, Pres/CEO of Interpro Translation Solutions on translation tools, changes in localization, & translations costs-part 2

interview with Ralph Strozza, Pres/CEO of Interpro Translation Solutions on intercultural translation issues-part 1

interview with Tom Mitoraj, Director of Wimax business development @ Motorola on wimax worldwide

interview with Bob Meltzer, Pres/CEO of VisaNow on high-tech worker immigration

interview with Tom Bartkoski, International Director @ World Business Chicago on economic development/attracting foreign direct investment to Chicago

interview with George Filley, VP of Product Management @ Navteq on internationalizing digital mapping

interview with Christos Fotiadis, Pres/CEO of ProtoGroup on expanding his technology business in Japan

interview with Mike Jakob, COO of Sportvision on new technologies for world sports broadcasting

interview with Scott Lang, Managing Director of City Capital Advisors on international mergers & acquisitions of small & medium-sized businesses

interview with Steve Pazol, President & CEO of nPhase, (which has since been aqcuired by Qualcomm) on m2m technologies in India & throughout the world

interview with David Weinstein, President, & Kapil Chaudhary, Director, of Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center on outsourcing software development to Russia

interview with Adarsh Arora, President & CEO of Lisle Technology Partners on outsourcing software development to India

interview with George Deeb, Pres./CEO of iExplore on international adventure travel

interview with John Janowiak, Managing Director of the International Engineering Consortium on telecom trade association expanding internationally

interview with Steve Miller, principal of Origin Ventures & former owner/manager of Quill Office Products on Canadian distribution (this interview took place in another crowded cafe, so there some background noise. Please consulut the transcipts if it's too intolerable.)

intervew with Bob Okabe, Founder & Managing Partner of RPX Group on international finance

interview with Doug Cogswell, CEO of Advizor Solutions ( this interview took place in a noisy cafe, so pardon the background noise and any other distractions. Please see the transcripts if it's too much of a problem)

interview with Alex Golod, Vice President of Business Development @ Intetics about outsourcing software development to Minsk Belarus & Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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