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Brought to you by gata, (global american technology alliances) "going global" is a free e-mail newsletter available to those interested in international business. It provides informaton on/about international business in a number of interactive formats.

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this month's entries on the "going global" international business blog

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  • Bob Okabe, founder & managing director of RPX Group on international finance
  • Steve Miller, Managing Partner @ Origin Ventures on Canadian distribution

international events taking place this upcoming month

international technology market summaries published this past month

going global column @ Midwest Business: I finally received word on what's up with my columns. The editors would like me to shorten my interviews to run in 1 column each, rather than each interview running over 3 columns. I would prefer to do longer more in-depth interviews, so that we can continure to get deeper into the topics. I'm exploring all of my options.

Seth Godin, the technology marketing guru, is at it again. He hosted another webinar shamelessly hawking his book How Do You Avoid the Meatball Sundae? I believe it should be up through May, 2008.

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