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gata is an international business development consultancy.  gata focuses specifically on helping technology companies grow globally. gata brings value to clients by assisting them in evaluating the strategic options in pursuing international markets & then providing them the wherewithal to pursue them. gata solves the problem of stagnent revenues by developing incremental revenues that would have otherwise been untapped.

gata recognizes that approaching the world is all about developing relationships. As much as technologists try to automate processes, business is still conducted between people. Further, finding business partners whom you can trust is paramount, & fleetingly difficult. Where most US companies fall down in in failing to address the people issues in dealing with people from other countries. There are no guarantees, but gata helps assure success.

American companies offer many of the most advanced technologies in the world, & consequently have many advantages when expanding abroad. The key is to not assume American superiority & deal with locals in their own way so that they feel they're part of the process.


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