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I am a passionate believer in education & training to improve skills which lead to better lives. These should never stop & should lead to greater economic rewards as well as more intrinsic ones.

gata will provide training services on a wide range of topics appropriate to the size & capabilities of the group, such as

  • selling/marketing in...(name your country)
  • intercultural training
  • customer service
  • working with people in (name your country)
  • managing successful international projects
  • ...contact gata for more

qualifications: Michael Muth has conducted these kinds of training sessions small & larges sized businesses in Poland. Muth has also taught international marketing & management @ Chicago State University &Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, & Bialsko Biala Business Academy in Poland

gata offers 3 general pricing alternatives

  • pay for performance-based on agreed upon objectives
  • project fee-for specified amount of work to be completed in a certain amount of time
  • retainer-regular monthly fee to assure availability when needed

Engagements may be either of limited or unlimited length of time, but can last anywhere from at least 1 day up to a few months.

all services can be provided either abroad or domestically


This site was last updated 6 March, 2009


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