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global competitor analysis & evaluation


gata can assess your people, products, & processes to determine your strengths & weaknesses in approaching foreign markets.

to assess your people, gata can use these tools

to assess your products, gata consults these resources

for a close look @ your processes, gata examines how you:

  • prospect
  • market
  • promote
  • sell
  • create product
  • price product
  • deliver product
  • install product
  • service product
  • hire
  • train
  • finance
  • get paid
  • extend credit
  • keep the books
  • protect your intellectual property

gata can work with you 3 ways:

  • pay for performance-based on agreed upon objectives
  • project fee-for specified amount of work to be completed in a certain amount of time
  • retainer-regular monthly fee to assure availability when needed

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Engagements may be either of limited or unlimited length of time, but can last anywhere from at least 1 day up to a few months.

all services can be provided either abroad or domestically


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