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By seeking customers directlly, that means you will have to build your business from the ground up.

gata can help you

  • find an office location
  • hire employees
  • find legal counsel
  • find bookkeeping/accountants
  • open bank accounts
  • identify suspects/prospects
  • establish benchmarks
  • negotiate agreements
  • codify installation procedures
  • set-up customer service

gata can work with you 3 ways:

  • pay for performance-based on agreed upon objectives
  • project fee-for specified amount of work to be completed in a certain amount of time
  • retainer-regular monthly fee to assure availability when needed

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Engagements may be either of limited or unlimited length of time, but can last anywhere from at least 1 day up to a few months.

all services can be provided either abroad or domestically

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