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This page contains answers to common questions handled by gata.

 How do I seek international alliance partners?

You can either do it yourself or employ the help of others.  If you attempt to work on your own, I would make sure that you have & devote the amount of resources to do it right.  Many firms form international alliances simply by responding to foreign firms that approach them, which can work, but doesn't always assure that you always find the best partner in each country.  If you elect to work with a partner to help you find other partners, make sure that they have the education, experience, & resources that assure a quality partner-search process.  Back to Top

Where can I find the best international alliance partners?

It's difficult to tell who are the best international alliance partners until appropriate due diligence is completed.  It's easiest to start off with the English-speaking countries of the world because you can communicate with them in the same language at least.  It's also the least expensive because the least amount of product adaptations are required.  Back to Top

What is the best way to get started looking for international partners?

E-mail is the best way to contact gata.  gata takes a "multimedia" approach to building relationships, using whatever means are best for clients & prospective partners.  Usually  face-to-face meetings are necessary to gather all required information.  Back to Top

Why seek an international alliance?

It's a big world of opportunities out there, & although there are risks, global expansion can be profitable.  In some markets there is less competition, so business is easier to get.  In other markets, customers don't have the same choices of solutions we have in the U.S.  In some countries people simply like doing business with Americans.   Back to Top



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