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As director of WiMAX business development at Motorola, Tom Mitoraj is responsible for driving the global business development strategy for its 802.16 portfolio of solutions (known as the Wi4 product family).

With 15 years of product and business development experience in the wireless industry, Mitoraj has a track record of driving business development for emerging technologies. Before heading Motorola’s WiMAX business development effort, Mitoraj led Motorola’s networks R&D organization and focused on advanced technology development.

He has played a significant role in Motorola’s development of CDMA system solutions as well as the rollout of system upgrades for advanced services. Mitoraj holds a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a master’s in management from Northwestern University. In part one of a three-part Q&A, Mitoraj discusses WiMAX and its widespread adoption.

In part two of a three-part Q&A with Michael Muth, Mitoraj discusses the difference between WiMAX in different places along with its ability to assist in the case of emergency.

In part three of a three-part Q&A by Michael Muth, Mitoraj discusses why WiMAX is a freight train of technology that can’t be stopped.

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