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Under the leadership of Larry W. Gies Jr., Madison Capital Partners has acquired 20 companies. Most have significant overseas operations and are based in Europe.

Madison Capital Partners has further expanded the geographic reach of these enterprises. Gies has guided many operational restructurings that have focused on new product introduction, lean manufacturing initiatives, cash-flow generation, the specific competencies of the particular business and customer-centric solutions.

Of the 20 companies purchased, 16 have been sold, one has been recapitalized with a significant return to investors and three are still in the build stage. Of the 17 investments with liquidity events, equity investors in Madison Capital Partners have seen an internal rate of return of 90 percent and 5.9 times return on capital invested.

Prior to forming Madison Capital Partners, Gies assisted investor Michael Heisley of Heico Acquisitions in numerous investments. On behalf of the German government, he also marketed the investment potential of a German high-tech region to U.S. corporations and investors. Gies began his career at Deloitte & Touche.

He earned his M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management with concentrations in strategic management and marketing. Gies received his bachelor’s of science degree in accounting from the University of Illinois. He is a CPA.

Gies serves on the board of directors of all the Madison Capital Partners companies. He serves as the president of The Gies Foundation. Madison Capital Partners should not be confused with Madison Dearborn Partners.

Madison Capital Partners provides management capital and strategic resources to underperforming businesses

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