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2008 (estimated)

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Note: The above statistics are US$ millions and are unofficial estimates.

The Irish software market is one of Ireland’s strongest business sectors with annual growth rates of 3-6% in recent years. Overall, the market is more fragmented than the computer hardware sector, and the applications software segment is very fragmented. The Irish software industry is comprised of 900 firms employing over 24,000 people. It is an exported-oriented industry with over 95% of domestic production sold abroad. While Ireland is ranked as one of the largest exporters of software worldwide, some 60% of Irish software exports actually originate from U.S. subsidiaries. The 140 multinational software companies located in Ireland employ 13,000 people and use their operations to carry out a broad range of activities including core software development, eLearning, product customization, software testing, and fulfillment.

While overall IT spending is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2008, the Irish software market is forecast to increase by 6%. The two key drivers behind this expected growth are an increased focus on business-value propositions as opposed to operational cost reduction among IT decision makers and stable Government IT spending. Investment in enterprise software is expected to exceed $290 million in 2008 driven by document and content management solutions, business intelligence and analytics, database, web servers and enterprise portals. Expenditure on network storage software is over $70 million while the security software market is estimated at $140 million. Spending on software in the healthcare sector is expected to reach $38 million in 2008.

The Irish software sector offers excellent opportunities, at both market and sectoral levels, for U.S. firms with innovative and leading-edge software products. Market-specific opportunities exist within the ERP, financial, healthcare, telecom segments outlined above while sectoral potential is encompassed by looking upon Ireland as a proven ‘gateway to Europe’. In this regard, U.S. software SME’s seeking to penetrate the lucrative European software market should consider entering into joint venture/licensing agreements with Irish firms who have the experience of exporting to EU markets. Local software firms engaging in exporting are interested in matching up with U.S. software firms.

Internet users 1,310,000
Internet Users Rank 44
Internet Users Date of Information 2002
 Telephones - mobile cellular 3,000,000
Cell Phone Rank 29
Cell Phone Date of Information 2002
 Telephones - main lines in use 1,600,000
Telephone Rank 60
Telephones Date of Information 2002
GDP - real growth rate(%) 5.2
Growth Rank 195
Growth Date of Information  2002 est.
GDP - per capita $30,500
GDP/pc Rank 8
GDP/pc Date of Information  2002 est.
GDP $118,500,000,000
GDP Rank 53
GDP Date of Information  2002 est.
Population 3,924,140
Pop Rank 123
Pop Date of Information  July 2003 est.

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