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Ralph Strozza began his career by working as a translator and lexicographer for WCC (Weidner Communications Corporation, which later changed to Worldwide Communications Corporation). The firm develops computer-assisted translation software and services.

He moved to Toulouse, France to assist in setting up WCC’s European distribution channel. He returned to the U.S. and assumed the position of vice president of marketing and sales.

Strozza was hired by Intergraph Corporation in Huntsville, Ala. to manage its localization and translation department. He moved back to Chicago after being hired by System Software Associates (SSA) to establish and manage its in-house localization and translation department.

System Software Associates (now Infor Global Solutions) was a developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and tool software. Strozza was responsible for the release of its flagship product line in 20 languages. He left SSA to start operations at InterPro Translation Solutions.

Strozza received bachelor of science degrees in international marketing and French along with a minor in Spanish from Northern Illinois University. He received his master’s degree in French and Italian from Northwestern University. He is a native speaker of English and is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish.

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