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John Janowiak is senior director of the International Engineering Consortium (IEC). He has held various leadership positions during his 20-year career with the consortium. In his current role, Janowiak is responsible for executive and university relations, international market development and technology transfer between industry and academia.

Janowiak is active with and serves as the IEC’s principal liaison to many information industry corporations and non-profit organizations. He currently serves on the Pacific Telecommunications Council board of directors and the Enterprise Communications Consortium board of directors.

He is also a member of the SUPERCOMM Program Management Committee, which oversees all sales, marketing and operational elements of SUPERCOMM’s annual exhibit and conference. Janowiak also serves on the DSL Forum Marketing Committee.

The IEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing technology and business progress worldwide in a range of high-technology industries and university communities. Since 1944, the IEC has provided educational opportunities for industry professionals, academics and students.

In conjunction with companies, the IEC has developed a free online educational program. The IEC also conducts industry and university programs and develops research, publications, conferences and technological exhibits that address opportunities and challenges of the information age. Some 70 high-tech universities are IEC affiliates.

In part two of a two-part Q&A, international expert Michael Muth sat down with Janowiak to explain the realities of trade show participation, how to produce events around the world and how to expand internationally.

International expert Michael Muth sat down with Janowiak to learn about the IEC and the event and conference landscape.

listen to the interview here

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