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John Lee is a founder and is the vice president of marketing at Chicago-based Hostway, a provider of Web hosting services and managed services to some 300,000 customers.

In 1998, Lee joined Hostway President Lucas Roh and a few others to form Hostway with a mission to provide hosting services to an emerging market of small and medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence.

Lee is currently responsible for guiding new customer acquisition and brand-building initiatives for Hostway’s global operation. Prior to joining Hostway, Lee worked as a researcher in gene therapy at the University of Chicago. He graduated with a bachelor’s of arts in biological sciences from the University of Chicago in 1993.

Founder John Lee of Chicago’s Hostway on Web Site Localization 2 Nov, 2004 John Lee concludes his Q&A with international expert Michael Muth by delving into Web site localization, double-byte character sets and how well a business education from the University of Chicago prepared him for working in multiple countries.

Founder John Lee of Chicago’s Hostway on Growing Globally 26 Oct, 2004 John Lee sat down with Michael Muth to discuss the keys to and challenges of growing globally.

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