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October 5, 2004 

eXtreme Networking Halloween

 Your International M.B.A. Guide to Northwestern, Loyola University 10/5/2004
The mission of Going Global is to educate and inform Midwest technology companies on what local technology companies are doing internationally so other firms can learn from the successes of like-minded peers.

CHICAGO – This week, we continue our guide to master’s-level international business education in Chicago by outlining Loyola University Chicago’s School of Business Administration and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

If you’re thinking of going back for your M.B.A. in international business, hiring an internationally oriented M.B.A. or you’re interested in auditing an international course, this guide and a comparison with the best international business schools in the country is for you.

Please join us next Tuesday where will conclude this series
by exploring the University of South Carolina and Thunderbird.

Michael Muth is managing director of GATA, an international business development consultancy that helps technology companies build international partnerships. He can be reached at mike@intlalliances.com.
Click here for Muth’s full biography.

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